It’s legal to use a statistician


If you’re like me and a lot of other PhDs you don’t know your Spearman rank order correlation from your _____. Like everyone else I took the research classes, and the statistics classes, and mainlined red bull and fancy lattes until my eyes glazed over and still had a hard time “getting it.”

I was at my most smug when I could say “statistical significance” without spraying spit over everyone in a five-foot radius. I finally understood enough to write the methodology and findings sections of my dissertation. (And now, of course, after editing 85 dissertations and proposals I get it a little better.)

Imagine my surprise when I found out it was legal to work with a statistician on your dissertation. I heard about a statistician who helped one of my dissertation editing clients make sense of her research findings. Turns out Elaine Eisenbeisz (pronounced “I-SEN-BUYS) at Omega Statistics is the go-to person for statistics.

She’s smart and funny and a good teacher. Best of all she doesn’t patronize the non-statistics-understanding people among us. I asked Elaine to tell me in her own words why it’s legal to hire a statistician and how to sell your committee on the idea if they are on the fence.

“Many people wonder about that. I usually tell clients that other researchers hire a statistician to assist with their study design and analysis, so why shouldn’t they? It only makes sense to get expert help. No one wonders about hiring an editor as an expert. Same thing in my opinion. I wouldn’t do my own brain surgery if I needed it.

Also, most of my clients come to me because their committees told them to get a statistician. So my final thing to say to a potential client is, “Ask your committee if you can get help from a statistician.” And I tell you, it is much easier for everyone when there is transparency between the client and committee about using my services. How assuring for a client to be able to tell a committee member they would like to do a certain design or test, and to have me to back them up and support them through the process. They can say to their committee, “My statistician said….”

Here’s what Elaine says on her website about her statistics services:

Hitting the wall. Have you hit your wall on the statistical design for your dissertation Methods chapter? Or perhaps you’ve received approval on your proposal, collected your data, and now you’re struggling to navigate a course though analysis and reporting of your dissertation Results chapter. And of course you want your research to reflect the excellence you have worked so hard to achieve.

Statistical alphabet soup. I have extensive knowledge of most statistical software programs including SPSS, SAS, R, STATA, LISREL, HLM, M-PLUS, Minitab, and many more! We are skilled in APA, AMA, MLA, CBE, CGOS, and many other writing style formats (Even those without acronyms, such as Harvard and Chicago/Turabian), and I will work within the formatting guidelines set by you and your university.

It’s still your work. Your work remains yours. I set strict rules for confidentiality of my clients’ research, and will gladly provide or sign a non-disclosure agreement before review of your research if you so desire. Omega Statistics is NOT a dissertation mill and all design and analysis services are tailored to your individual project.

You may learn to love statistics. You will learn! I have a great passion for the discipline of statistics and love to share my knowledge. And I am able to explain the theory and application of statistics in a way that people understand. I will not just give you a report, we will collaborate. I provide unlimited consulting on most projects, as well as any needed edits to the statistical aspects of your project, so you will be able to present your dissertation proposal and/or dissertation Results chapter with confidence!

Say it with me five times: “Statistical significance.” “Statistical significance.” “Statistical significance.” “Statistical significance.” “Statistical significance.”

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